Juliana Blazuk

Juliana is a NASM-certified personal trainer as well as an IIN-certified health coach. Her fitness passion is endurance running, and she's finished 2 marathons, a triathlon and too many half marathons to count.


She believes that you can do and be anything as long as you're willing to put in the work.  She's here to help you raise your bar.

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EMILy blazuk

Emily is a E-RYT certified yoga instructor and holds her M.A. in Clinical Psychology. She has taught at Corepower Yoga in Chicago, Boston, and Arizona over the last 11 years.  She sees yoga as not only an incredible physical workout but also a way to work inward and through everything holding you back from being the best version of yourself. 


She believes every time you step on your mat you have the opportunity to move with intention, uncover your strengths and calm your mind.  Expect to sweat, flow to some heavy EDM beats, and leave class feeling more connected to your best self.

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Meet Sav AKA Savage.  She’s a powerhouse on the bike and IRL.  She’s been bringing the heat to indoor cycling in the PHX area for the last 4 years and is excited to “go virtual”.


You can expect a fire, electronic playlist every time.  Her love of music carries the class and will inspire you to bring out your inner SAVAGE.


When she’s not teaching RYDE, Sav is a full time web developer, tech enthusiast, dog momma, snowboarder, wine lover and overall bad ass.  Come RYDE with her.

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brittny king

Leave your worries at the door! With every breath and beat of the music, Brittny's infectious energy sparks your attitude of gratitude and reminds you to live in the moment. Brittny’s passion for music will have you movin’ and groovin’ in the ultimate dance party vibe. Beyond the bike, Brittny coaches driven women to define clear goals, align daily actions, & build lasting habits to become healthier and happier for good.


When she isn't teaching or coaching, Brittny enjoys champagne brunch, a good concert with her friends, running over mountains, aaaaaand of course, adventuring with her Golden Doodle Benji and husband Brian.

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AlySsa bizoukas

Alyssa is an ACE-certified personal trainer focusing on strength, conditioning and weight loss, with a special interest in dance and boxing. She danced her way through college as a member and captain of the Purdue Dance team (side note: she's a die-hard Boilermaker). A lifelong professionally trained dancer, she has competed, instructed and choreographed dance and continues to freelance.


Alyssa works with individuals of varying levels of fitness experience, from beginners to elite athletes. Her down to earth personality and no-nonsense approach make her clients feel comfortable and motivated, setting them up for success.  Let’s dance!

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Alex is a yogi at heart and in practice.  She’s certified in Yoga Sculpt and has the 200-hour Power Vinyasa Teacher Training under her belt.  She believes yoga connects you to yourself and the world around you, making it key to unlocking your own personal power. 


In her classes Alex connects her intention to the movements of your body to provide you with a well rounded practice both inside and out. Expect to move and groove throughout her sequences, laughing, smiling, and “woo’s” are highly encouraged. One of Alex’s mantras is, “yoga prepares the soul to dance” and that’s how she feels everyone should leave their mats, so get ready for a good time!

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Karl is a coach and trainer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. He is passionate about what he does and loves sharing his beliefs on the many layers of health and performance.  With over 500 hours of yoga training along with FRC (functional range conditioning), FRA (functional range assessment) and kinstretch certifications, Karl’s goal as a fitness professional is to have a  positive impact on your anatomy.


His strength and movement class is designed to build a rock solid foundation in quality movement. This means doing the basics often and ridiculously well.  The basics doesn't mean boring or easy. Its repetition of carefully chosen movements to lay a strong foundation on top of which more complex movements can be built with ease. His coaching style involves holding clients accountable, creating connection and providing guidance thru feedback. Ultimately improving the quality of your life through quality movement.

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Brie is a certified breathwork facilitator and yoga instructor who specializes in guiding humans on an internal journey of self-discovery.


She fell in love with breathwork after it helped bring her clarity, harmony, and emotional healing. Soon after, Brie knew that breathwork was her calling and received her certification as she wanted others to have the opportunity to experience true freedom and healing as well. 

Brie is also a behavior therapist (ABA) and specializes in teaching yoga for those on the spectrum and/or with special needs. 


When she’s not teaching, Brie loves to be at an outdoor music festival, hiking, camping or reading! 

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Ari begrudgingly took her first yoga class around 2016. Starting off with no bodily awareness or grace, she flopped her way through her first few classes, and fell in love with both the physical practice of asana and the deeper spiritual practice. It was the first time she felt movement as more than just a workout, or a punishment for indulging. A half year later she decided to take a 200 hour Power Vinyasa teacher training, and has been continually adding to her certification repertoire as she goes.


Ari believes that your body is meant to feel good and movement of any type exposes and enhances those feel good sensations! Yoga is meant for any body, and as long as your best is put forth, the postures and asanas will fall into place. She views yoga as poetry for the entire body where all forms and feelings are welcomed and encouraged to be explored.


In Ari's classes she encourages you to explore the sensations created by your body on the workshop that is your mat and look deep within. Incorporating breath to movement and powerful postures to help you energize your body, still your mind and prepare you for whatever your day brings, her classes will surely bring you to a juicy sweat.

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Running a video production business as her main gig, Brynn is no stranger to the camera. Though she is normally behind the camera, she understands the magic of connecting to people through a lens. Her class combines this passion with her love of all things loud music, motivation, and exercise.  Finding her motivation through music, her playlists are full of bass-heavy songs that keep you moving and make you feel like the bad*ss you are. 


She is dedicated to giving you a safe outlet to be unapologetically yourself - to unwind, recharge, and grow, but also a place to have fun and be reminded to not take yourself (or anything) too seriously.

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Kayla is a certified yoga instructor as well as a business owner, dog mama, wellness seeker & taco enthusiast.


Her approach to fitness is holistic; she prioritizes the connection between the mind, body & soul and advocates for a balanced lifestyle. Her Flow & Tone classes are driven by Hip-Hop and R&B sounds and will challenge you to push yourself while respecting your physical and mental boundaries. You'll end class feeling recharged and rejuvenated, ready to conquer whatever the universe sends your way. 

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Morgan aka Mojo is a power yoga instructor certified through Corepower with 12+ years experience in the field. Additionally, she holds certifications as a personal trainer from ACSM and as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) through the NSCA. During the workday, Mojo is a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in orthopedics. Mojo's philosophy is based on the power of functional movement maximization through core control. Her classes are rooted in her in-depth understanding of anatomy and the way the human body moves. 


You can expect to break a serious sweat in Mojo's classes while at the same time safely progressing your strength, endurance, and mobility. Make sure to have your towel and water ready because Mojo's Flow classes are not your typical yoga class!

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Beri golding

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Beri is an E-RYT 500 hour yoga teacher, the creator of the Foot Yoga Method, the co-founder of Thai Yoga Stretch Bodywork, an ISSA certified personal trainer, and a dancing healer. 

With over 10,000 hours of teaching and training experience, Beri offers a variety of different yoga styles including power, flow and sculpt for those with fitness focus in addition to basics as well as restorative, myofascial release, and stretch classes for recovery. She specializes in creating personalized programs and self care tools for her clientele and students. 

Beri's intention is to guide each and every class in a way that  allows every BODY to feel seen and heard allowing that felt sense of safety and protection to support moving the body into a state of relaxation, quieting the mind into a state of calm, and opening the heart into a state of loving gratitude. 

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